Friday, January 19, 2007

Finally, my new year begins!

Owing to the fact that my hips are big enough to have its own orbit (yes, bigger than mother earths), my 2006 just ended last night.

It ended with pork, chicken, beef, lamb, sausages and more pork in the company of three of my favorite people in the whole world.

It ended with me, alone in bed, having the most honest conversation with myself about what i really want, and what i really feel, and what i think i deserve.

It ended with a personal resolution to stop all things that will lead to bad. Let me say that again now - I WILL STOP ALL THINGS THAT WILL LEAD TO BAD.

And it stops today. stops. finish. tapos na.

And with the help of a truckload of apples, a healthy serving of self esteem, and a side portion of the bigger picture, I start my cleansing today.



I felt it the second 2007 came in, this year is gonna be interesting. Not good mind you, but not bad either. Just that, interesting. Pretty much like the shrimps with dessicated coconut I had on my last night in Boracay.

Anyway, here is my fearless forecast for this year;

1. Some things will change - I'm not gonna pretend that I have a plan for this year. I've been throwing words like resignation, boracay and investing around way too much it leaves a trail of doubt all over the place. The doubt is misplaced though, or so I say confidently. I swear on someone's grave that I will totally do it. There's just the trouble of me unable to give myself a good kick in the butt to get started. But happiness, not money or fame or calling, is my motivation. And what better motivation is there.

2. Some things wont - CISV QC is hosting a summer camp for 14s this July and I've been asked to staff. I am guessing I will do it. I imagine that I will probably be needing a break already from the new life I am about to start by then so why the hell not. And besides, I have never said no to anyone before so why start now.

3. I will hopefully be closer to my ideal weight. And I will probably look better than I ever have before.

4. I might fall in love.

5. I will get my heart broken if i do.

6. I will have more money. Because the universe loves me and that's what i want this year.


It's gonna be an interesting year. Im tempted to push the fast forward button and see how it all ends. Except I dont live in an Adam Sandler movie.