Friday, June 27, 2008

And life is normal again

Or at least, as normal as it is ever going to be from this point on. Sometimes I really have to pause, breathe a little deeper and wonder why sleeping on a Tuesday still means waking up on a Wednesday like it always has. Shouldn’t life stop making sense the moment it stops making sense?

Today I woke up feeling fat.
Today I rushed to work worried about all the things that had to be done before noon.
Today I got bored listening to a client blah-blah about his products.
Today I got excited over my new friend in multiply.
Today I panicked at the thought of my bank account balance.

Life is just becoming a little too normal a little too soon. Ayoko pa sana. Buysit.

Eh why ba? I’ve always been vocal that moving on has never been one of my better honed life skills noh.

Buysit talaga!