Thursday, July 09, 2009

the wait

to the tune of o come all ye faithful

why am i waiting?
slowly dehydrating
why am i waiting?
why oh why?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

An open letter to Korina Sanchez

Just like the rest of the country, I received the news with cynicism. The timing was impeccable and all the events that came after were very, uhm, strategic. The proposal, the motorcycle rides, the pamamanhikan, all seemed calculated and posed. As a PR practitioner, I could not have planned it better myself. I thought the whole thing was a sham and I wanted to barf everytime I saw you two together.

Until I read your love story in the Inquirer.

It was a quick turn-around really. I surprised me. I disappointed me as well. The PR business has taught me not to trust everything I read in the papers and yet I swallowed your story hook, line and sinker. All I heard while reading the article was the voice of a woman so deeply in love and every word you said rang with nothing but sincerity and joy.

I’m on your side. I just want that said, not for your sake because I’m sure you couldn’t care less, but because I want the universe to know which side I am on. That despite reason, rumors, suspicion and logic, I am and will always be on TEAM LOVE!


Anyway, I think I’ll have shirts made.