Friday, April 12, 2013

Last night on Survivor

Survivor is the greatest reality TV there is.  Ever!

Nuff said.

I want to end this blog with that nuff said right there but I cannot stop thinking about it.

Last night's episode was epic.

Malcolm went to tribal feeling pretty confident that he was safe.  So confident in fact that, and this is just my theory, he didn't bother to bring his own immunity idol with him.  When he felt during tribal that he was going to get blind-sided, he votes for reynold AND THEN, when reynold, thinking that he was going to get voted out, stood up to play his idol, he (malcolm) convinces (no wait, not even) TELLS reynold to give his idol to him which reynold did!!!

Ugh. Malcolm is so hot.

It was just too bad that the people who were actually planning to vote malcolm off were too sissy to go with the plan and voted off michael instead.  Which is the biggest sayang because that would have been the greatest play on survivor history.

I hope Malcolm wins.