Friday, January 07, 2011

couplehood. or perhaps coupledom.

i was alone for a loooong time before d. so naturally, during this looong period of time, there was only one person i thought of - me. add to that the fact that i was never the caring, nurturing type like tracy to begin with and you get me in really awkward situations with my boyfriend.

the most recent of which happened in the foodcourt where after buying our food together, he goes off to get water and i go to get utensils and we meet back in the table where he has two glasses of water, one for him and one for me, and i have my spoon and my fork and he, of course, has none.

so he looks at me from across the table with frustration and, i have to say, a little hurt in his eyes, and he asks "you didn't get for me?." I shrink a little, make weird awkward noises like "aheee," stand up and quickly get him his utensils.

i then spend the next 10 minutes proving that i am a proper girlfriend by getting him more water and such.

i have also forgotten to introduce him a couple of times BUT, in my defense, thats really just me having bad manners more than anything. I really dont have social graces talaga despite my cora dolorosa short course education.

so anyway, having said that, i think the other stuff that makes one a half of a couple, i've sort of embraced. and while i may never peel his shrimps for him, he can always get anything he wants from my plate.

and people who really know me know how big that is.

and people who really dont, please dont touch the food on my plate.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

LUCK!!! - 2011

i know, i know, its such a wimpy word. it has none of that rah-rah-rah i am the master of the universe rockstar attitude BUT sometimes a little of it is all one needs to be a master of the universe rockstar.

See ive always been a hard worker. i try to be a nice person. I do not take advantage of people and I always try to deliver in both my personal and professional life. So i believe i deserve a little more bone than I've been given. and this year, I'm prepared to chew on it until all its delicious juices have dried out.

And sure it will be about the big game-changer things. The kind of luck that puts you at exactly the right place, at exactly the right time and you wake up one morning in a mansion with 2,000 pairs of shoes.

But it will also be about the little things like not being stuck in a traffic jam when I'm already late or easily finding that one knife in a drawer of ten thousand spoons or any of that other stuff Alanis thinks is ironic but really is just plain bad luck.

So there. I really feel great about this word. I really feel great about this year. And everytime some dude picks a chick up and thinks to himself "oooh someones getting lucky tonight," they will not know it but they will always be referring to MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Thank you universe =)