Friday, June 30, 2006

Nay, Tay,

Maraming salamat po sa tinatawag nating genes.

inyong mga supling

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

goodbye eddie

Say hi to carolina for me.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Limang araw, walang juice!

Let's review my last week shall we;

5 days
8 events
7 of which I managed and emceed
3 in pasay
2 in cebu
1 each in olongapo, paranaque, and manila
2 regional reports submitted to Hong Kong

and that was just for 1 client

I have 2 more.

I dont know how to describe the state that I was in at the end of the week accurately so suffice it to say that i was drained to the deepest recesses of my bone marrows. Tuyo't na tuyo't at walang katas at sabor.

Buti nalang may perks rin... birthdays of 3 people I love dearly (happy birthday adi, mama and bobby), a new life for a friend whose despedida I slept through (sorry carmen and rock the u.s. good), 30 hours of sleep over the weekend, and 5 episodes of prison break.

Hindi pa rin naman balanse ang good sa bad noh, pero im okay na rin.

Kasi sometime soon, ayan na ang silver lining after the storm, ang bright light at the end of the tunnel, ang rainbow after the rain, ang window na bubuksan ni lord after the closing of a door, ang grand landing of the majestic eagle.

Kaya ba ni ets?

Saturday, June 17, 2006


an accounts person should:

1. be organized.
2. be time-conscious.
3. care enough to anticipate client's requirements.
4. give a shit about whether the brand is as big as it should be.


1. am not.
2. really am not.
3. do not.
4. really do not.

It begs the question; what am i doing here?

Friday, June 16, 2006

sa itim, sa puti, sa abo.

Last night, while baking my wonderful flourless chocolate cake, i caught bits and pieces of a che-che lazaro feature on the Legenda case.

Legenda is the biggest hotel and casino chain in Subic Bay. It is owned and operated by a malaysian company and managed by this bald and very ma-amo looking non-Filipino (not sure if malaysian or singaporean or korean but definitely not filipino and definitely reminds me a little of pat morita - sumalangit nawa.)

Anyway, last april i think it was, PAGCOR closed them down because of non-payment of taxes since 2001. That's 5 years of operating a business in my country without giving my government what is due them. Thats 5 years of duping us under the pretense of being "lugi" when your bacharrat and poker tables were never empty even on stormy tuesday nights. Thats 5 years that I've been working my fat ass off so i can give my fair share to better this country and you did not.

Mali ka don Legenda. Maling-mali.

Pero teka muna.

Around 500 employees displaced? 500 employees with families depending on them?

BAH --- 500 is a small number compared to what their back taxes can do to our economy. They're casualties of war I thought. We cant win big if we're not willing to lose a little. Right? right.

But damn this che-che with her fair and balanced reporting. She introduces us to two of these 500. Both are women who were dealers at Legenda. Both the breadwinner of their families. Both have mouths to feed and children to send to school. Both now jobless, pesoless and getting more and more hopeless each day the casino stays closed.

In an ideal world, Legenda, who of course claims to be completely innocent of any wrong doing and who is in fact asserting the benefit of their existence by promoting local tourism and economy in Subic Bay, would pay PAGCOR and the government what they should and all these 500 peeps will go back to work and their children back to school.

But it's not an ideal world.

Either Legenda stand their ground and wins and the Philippines will be 300 million pesos poorer for it. Or they stay closed and we have to add 500 to the unemployed millions who are desperating looking for non-exixtent jobs in a struggling economy.

Itim pa rin eh. Pero parang umaabo na rin.


Sabi ni house md (who rocks by the way),


To his employees, this pat morita-ish manager is fighting for their right to survive. He meets with them every night, knows them by name, and reassures them that he will not give up the casino so they can keep on living. He is a hero.

To the rest of us Filipinos, he is an opportunistic foreigner who exploits our resources and does not have the decency to pay for it. He lies and manipulates to get the better end of the deal. He is a thief.

I'm sure he is somewhere in the middle. A combination of everyone's idea of who he is. A hero, a thief, and a pat morita clone. But like house said, reality is irrelevant. Everything is really just perception.


Okay, since i was baking while listening to cheche, im not sure sa figures.


Flourless chocolate cake available at compulsive eaters for only 380.00. order na.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Around ten years ago, I told someone (jenni i think) that I would be happier if I gave birth to a litter of boxer pups than human babies. If that had happened, I wouldn't have been freaked out. Wouldnt have complained or anything. I would have just assumed that God loved me enough to give me that extra bucket of happiness that only dogs can give.

I recently read an article about a new hybrid of a pug (love pugs) and a beagle (LOVE beagles) christened PUGGLE.

God how cute noh.

When I told my brother bob about it, he told me about this other hybrid of a labrador and a poodle christened LABRADOODLE.

Slight mixed emotions ako dito. I need to meet an actual labradoodle first before i can have a solid opinion of them cos baka lang hindi sila photogenic.

And then, home came pats with his story of a dog with narcolepsy. Narcoleptic dogs - wow. Never have I felt so sad and laughed so hard at the same time. Well, at least, laughed so hard since guy goma.

rusty the dachshundand for the more heart-breaking
skeeter the poodle

And yesterday, I had lunch with riya, therese and jali when in came this bit of trivia (thanks to pretty jali) that the basenji does not bark.

Well color me purple and call me bruce (ha?!? - basta rumide ka nalang) but momma, if a dawg don't bark, would ya still call 'em dawgs?

Ay ewan. Hemingway, eto sya.


They don't bark. They growl, they yoddle, and they crow but no barking. ha?!? since all the dog im exposed to right now is the very barky slugger - this is really amazing.

I love these creatures!!!!!!!!

Okay God, you know that thing i said to jenni and repeated again in this blog, feel free to take me up on that.


In a related matter (related to promise), my good friend from law school proposed to his girlfriend last christmas.

Here's how he did it.

Christmas eve, he gave her a stuffed toy na dog.

New years eve or day or sometime thereafter, he gave her a ring with this pablo-neruda-must-be-kicking-himself-in-the-head-for-not-coming-up-with-it-himself-proposal.

are you ready for it?

here goes.

"last christmas, i gave you man's best friend. Tonight, I will give you a girl's best friend."

Naiyak yung girl. meron akong feeling na not because of love.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why oh why do I keep doing this to myself?

1. I haven't eaten anything with a face since January 3, 2005. Thats two days short of a year and a half of, if you know me, impressive self-control. And yet why can't I seem to train myself to stop eating when im puking-level full na. Kailangan pa bang kumain pa kung dumating ka na sa point na tapikin ka lang sa likod eh susuka ka na. Hindi na diba? Eh bakit hindi ko kayang tumigil? Ilang beses ko na rin tong pinagdaanan. Ilang beses ko na rin tong pinagsisihan. Natututo ba ako? hindi. HINDI!

2. I have 3 major delivarables and 1 pitch presentation on monday. Naumpisihan ko na ba ang trabaho? Syempre hindi pa. So malamang, mamayang gabi, hindi na naman ako makakatulog sa kaba.


Ayoko na talaga maging ganito. Mamamatay ako ng maaga sa ganitong buhay eh. Busog na nga, kabado pa.