Monday, June 26, 2006

Limang araw, walang juice!

Let's review my last week shall we;

5 days
8 events
7 of which I managed and emceed
3 in pasay
2 in cebu
1 each in olongapo, paranaque, and manila
2 regional reports submitted to Hong Kong

and that was just for 1 client

I have 2 more.

I dont know how to describe the state that I was in at the end of the week accurately so suffice it to say that i was drained to the deepest recesses of my bone marrows. Tuyo't na tuyo't at walang katas at sabor.

Buti nalang may perks rin... birthdays of 3 people I love dearly (happy birthday adi, mama and bobby), a new life for a friend whose despedida I slept through (sorry carmen and rock the u.s. good), 30 hours of sleep over the weekend, and 5 episodes of prison break.

Hindi pa rin naman balanse ang good sa bad noh, pero im okay na rin.

Kasi sometime soon, ayan na ang silver lining after the storm, ang bright light at the end of the tunnel, ang rainbow after the rain, ang window na bubuksan ni lord after the closing of a door, ang grand landing of the majestic eagle.

Kaya ba ni ets?


adi said...

or Light shows dancing in the dark (rekta na)

A said...

Chika na rin mamu. To paraphrase the words of one wise aspiring starlet, behind every dark cloud is sylvimousse barkley.

HanAgiRL said...

hi maite! didn't ee you at reema's housewarming :(