Friday, October 28, 2005

Dear Madam,

Sa sampung porsyento pa pong idadagdag ninyo sa nagtataasan nangang presyo ng mga bilihin, maraming salamat po. Maraming salamat po sa pagkakataong ibinibigay ninyo sa akin upang makatulong sa bayan para makapagipon tayo at makabayad sa ating mga utang. Alam ko po kasing hindi pa sapat ang trenta porsyentong ina-awas sa sweldo ko at ang naunang 10% na pinapatong sa bilihin kaya naman pong laking tuwa ko nung malaman kong i-e-extend pa ang maari kong maitulong. Kasi naisip ko na hindi lahat ng tao ay nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na makatulong sa bayan. Katulad na lamang nung isang bilyonaryong beho na hindi ipinagbayad ng buwis. Kawawa naman sya - hindi sya pinagpala katulad naming inuumaga na madalas sa pagtratrabaho.

Simula po nang kayo ay naupo bilang pinuno ng ating bansa ay nakahiram na po kayo ng higit na salapi sa pinagsamang nahiram ng dalawang presidenteng sinundan nyo, ang swerte talaga namin at napakagaling nyong ekonomista. Pero ang higit na mas maswerte ay ang daang-daang nakatira sa payatas dahil simula nung tumuntong kayo sa posisyon ay mas may pinagpipilian na silang pagkain ngayon. Dati kasi, sardinas lang po ang lagi nilang kinakain sa araw-araw na ginawa ng dyos. Pero ngayon po ay hindi na paulit-ulit ang kinakain nila. Kung lunes ay patis ang ulam nila, sa martes naman po ay toyo at sa miyerkules ay asin.

Ang himbing siguro ng tulog ninyo sa gabi dahil alam ninyong ang dami nyong natutulungan.


I saw you on TV last week defending the passing of the extended-VAT. You stood there (or you might have been sitting down - i dont know how big a difference that would make anyhow), and you stared straight into the camera (as, no doubt, your consultants have trained you to do) and you told every Filipino who had nothing better to do than watch you that night how this EVAT will benefit us all in the long-run as it will be use for servicing our debt and improving the lives of every Filipino. You told us that it is the only way to do this. That making me part with more of my hard-earned money is the only way to do this.

Excuse me ma'am, and please correct me if I am wrong for I am but a lowly middle-class citizen with no economics degree to back me up, but wouldn't it be better if, instead of passing this EVAT, you go after the millionaires who refuse to pay their taxes. I'm sure you can talk to them easily since most of them are your friends. Maybe that's a better first step than this.

Or hey, how about taking a little from the pork barrel you reward your pet pigs. Or, at the very least, making sure that they spend it well, to the benefit of all citizens and not just the people in your favor. How's that for plan b.

Madame, I am pass wanting you out of office. For me, that option was taken off the table the day the congressmen you bought on sale threw your impeachment case out the window. And I do not want your resignation. Resignation is far too graceful an exit for a cheater stupid enough to get caught to take. So I will not march the streets of Edsa or carry a "Resign" sign in Mendiola. I will demand from you something far more difficult than your resignation. I want you to right what is wrong. You have always claimed to be upright and decent and moral, please rectify your errors now. I don't expect miracles from you madam president, just take concrete steps to lead us to the right direction. And I promise you, I will do what is necessary as a citizen to help you raise this country from the mire.

We were once great. We were once the envy of our neighbors. We were once the promise of Asia. Unfortunately, I never got to see that day but I hope I'll still be here when it comes back.

Salamat po.


P.S. Please coordinate with gigi re lunal removal. Might increase likebility factor.

Friday, October 21, 2005

CALLING A SPADE A SPADE (i mean, come fucking on)

A couple of months back, Dove launched its latest campaign that aimed to redefine our concept of beauty. An ambitious feat considering it has to erase years and years of hollywood brainwashing and societal fat-bashing. Sadly, its been centuries since songs have been sung about women my size. If I wasnt so much attached to cable and paracetamols, I would definitely take the first flight back to the rennaisance where men would fight over me (and jenni and gigi and mamu) and the kate moss's of this world would be the ones with the "great personality."

But as it is, I live in a world where the extra larges have it. And they have it at a whopping 69% baby. And so do the flats, the agings, the boys and the ugly spots. Visit this site to see how they clobbered the extra sexys, flatterys, ageless, babes and beauty spots.

I wonder if the peeps who brought the worldwide campaign to the Philippines are knocking themselves in the head with their precious soap bar.

See, here is where i think their campaign is flawed.

They are riding on the very same mindset they are trying to change. In other words, they are eating their own tail. All they're doing really is replacing old labels with new, sugarcoated ones when what they should be doing is scrapping them altogether. Fuck extra-large or extra-sexy, screw flat or flattery, what you really ought to ask is 'is she or is she not beautiful anyways whether you see her as aging or ageless.'

Because you know, it is entirely possible to be beautiful and extra-large at the same time. It is completely within the realm of possibility to be freckled/blemished and beautiful too.

I am a fat girl. I always say this to anyone who would listen. And I say it for one reason and one reason only, because it's true. And I don't get offended when people call me fat (I mean dont get me wrong, I wish I weren't as fat as I am,) but I am eh.

What does bother me is that when I tell people that I am fat, they give me this look as if I had just insulted myself. This look is immediately followed by "no, don't say that." But why? What's wrong with being fat. What's wrong with acknowledging that I am fat? It doesnt mean that I'm insecure because I'll be the first one to tell you without my eyes blinking that fat as I am, by God I am beautiful.

So, if it were up to me, this is how I would run this.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

the groove is in the house

god bless your heart chum. claude's blog

unearthing such lovely treasures

Last night, given insomnia and lack of cable in my life, i decided to look through my letter box which contains, well, letters (duh?) from friends, family and lovers (naks - lovers.)

So i found this letter written by gigi dated November 23, 1993. The letter contained a really short essay she wrote about me. Here it is.


There's this ultimately fat young lady at the early age of 18. She was so fat that she has to lie down when buttoning up her BIG brother's jeans. She was also very sloppy and never cared for how she looked. She would eat like she has never eaten before. But nevertheless, this fat young lady was so pretty and had a face that could brighten up the gloomiest day. She doesnt realize this. But of course we still cannot deny that she is still ultimately, overall, over the top FAT.

god ang bait ni gigi ah.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

heartbreak is a bitch

Listening to him tell his story, I was brought back to a time and a place I would willingly give up my liver for to forget. Fuck it, take my knees na rin.

Fact is, heartbreak is nowhere near world hunger or a nuclear war threat in the hierarchy of things that should keep us up at night. But there it is, the bitch that breaks the strongest, dupes the wisest and spoils the sweetest. The one thing science will never find a cure for. The monster we can never run fast enough from. The pain no amount of alcohol or drugs can drown.

I’ve been there enough times to know that nothing I can say or do will help much. I can make you laugh now until your sides split but tonight all you will remember is that you will wake up tomorrow to another day without her.

So lets skip the pleasantries – I’m sure you’ve heard enough of them already. Let’s talk about what we both already know. This is gonna hurt like a 48-hour labor. And its gonna hurt tonight as much as it did this morning. And it’s gonna hurt as much as soon as you sober up. And its gonna hurt anyways despite the thorough analysis of all the probable whys and hows.

It’s gonna hurt as much until it hurts just a little less. Its gonna hurt until it doesn’t anymore. Fact is, Its not gonna stop until it does. When that’s gonna happen is really up in the air. We can fool ourselves into believing that we can make it stop – but we really cant. We are completely at its mercy and all we can do is hope that it will be better tomorrow. Ika nga, hindi eto madadaan sa determinasyon.

But let me tell you something I’m sure you already know, and please forgive me for borrowing a truth that Hollywood has made a cliché – this too shall pass. Either we forgive or we forget, or if we’re really lucky we do both. Forget the hurt and the anger and bitterness. Forgive them for causing us pain. Forgive ourselves for not trying hard enough or trying too hard.

But until then… like this na muna your heart.

Monday, October 17, 2005

what if this is really as good as it gets?

Following a great weekend, i am suddenly paralyzed, scared shitless, by a thought that kept me up until two in the morning.

"What if I've already lived the best years of my life?"

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." Thoreau

Thursday, October 06, 2005



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