Monday, January 03, 2005

I've been to paradise

but, yes, i've never been to me.

while, undeniably, i've been incredibly indulgent of my selfishness and narcissism, i've just realized that i've never really taken time off to enjoy MY company a little more.

that the fact that i constantly, purposely choose to surround myself with friends or family 24/7 tells a lot about how scared i am to be just with myself.

well im gonna spend a little more time with me this year. after all, in the end, I'm all i have anyway so might as well enjoy me.

so this year, i will set out to do things by myself that i've never done before (with my word being fresh and all).

on the list;

1. go to museums
2. lounge at a cafe with a cup of coffee and a good book
3. lunch at a new place and order something i've never eaten before
4. take classes (it might as well be spanish lessons)
5. more yoga
6. watch a play
7. just get on a bus or a ferry and go where it takes me (well right now, i see the bus taking me to san benito farm in batangas - fingers crossed)

hey, if you have any more suggestions, please feel free to add to my list.

1 comment:

adi said...

do a pilgrimage in some sacred place