Friday, September 01, 2006


Just too damn many.

I feel like a clown juggling 6 balls at once and, from all around, people are throwing more balls into the mix to challenge me or just because they think I dont mind.

This is not the first time i'm doing this. Or actually it is. Except this first time started in 2003 and it just kept on going.

Sabi ni carmen, i should consider letting the balls drop because people are too used to none of the balls falling and they don't even notice me furiously juggling anymore.

May point sya don. And really 80% of me is walking towards that path, but the other 20 (a loud minority) is afraid that the balls will all fall on my head and knock me down.

1 comment:

Leoy said...

Balls. Hee hee. Balls.