Friday, July 01, 2005

my mamushika

It was probably only the 2nd time i hung out with her. We were all having dinner at pio pazzo when i finally felt comfortable enough to tell her the truth about my "relationship." It wasnt the easiest thing to do mind you. It was like pulling teeth --- pahirapan talaga. But several tissue exchanges later, she finally found out.

And that night, despite the fact that i hardly knew her really, I decided that she was going to be my good friend.

You see, when you meet someone as amazing as she is, you don't leave the fate of your friendship up to chance. You take control, look her in the eye and tell her "mamu, lets be close!"

And now she's my mamushika.



A said...

Love you Ettie : )

graspingtoes said...

god. sobra na itong open display of love. why don't you two just be emotionally constipated just like the rest of the chums!

A said...

Alam mo, Chumaica should have its fair share of Emocrats and Constipatives noh.