Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I am a gaya-gaya :-)

From chockwit to duskwatcher to me.

Write 15 statements anonymous to people on your friends list and then pick 5 people to do this as well.

- You make me prouder everyday.

- I love you more than your momma.

- Someday, when you're ready, i will hold your hand and watch regine concerts with you.

- Ika nga ng kanta "And I'm doing just fine. Getting along very well...."

- You seriously deserve someone better. like me :)

- I would gladly be an old maid if you'll be one with me.

- You will find someone fabulous to love and who will love you fabulously.

- It's really up to you. Eitherway, you'll have to find happiness in the choices you make.

- Enough. Enough now.

- You should try to make her happier. She deserves to be happier.

- The key to a more relaxed life is to loosen your bra straps :)

- You're truly my favorite person in the whole wide world miski you repeatedly lied to me before. mwah.

- Next to my mother, you are my 'contact in case of emergency' person and i love you to bits.

- I miss you naman eh.

- It gets better. I promise :)


it's really up to you.

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A said...

Hey hey this is fun can I make gaya-gaya also