Friday, November 11, 2005

hello telephone

damang dama ko na na bilang na ang mga araw ng aking telepono. so, next week i will have it repaired na cos sometimes i just really want to be heard naman eh. so eto na muna ang mga favorite pictures from my phone na feeling ko mabubura when i have it fixed.

ang naglaho ng parang bula

how pretty my sister noh?

my cuteness

mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest flower of all?

compulsive eater

beautiful monster

i love my daffodils

young and very handsome, full of lovely things to say

my princess

my pretty therese

nice one leoy


A said...

My god I was so white.

graspingtoes said...

super mams! i've forgotten how your skin was somewhat kayumanggi, before all this blackness came along.

compulsive eater said...

me also im so black now!

adi said...

i miss mamu

A said...

Ads, I keep forgetting to tell you that in the past 8 days, you have sent me a total of 57 blank texts. Miss rin kita mams, pero sana onting keylock naman dyan.

adi said...

Super. 57 in sent items.

fran said...

hello maite,
need to ask you a favor... pls dont tell m that i was able to find your page ha, basta. he doesnt want to share his friends with me, i think. :) anyway, ask him out so you wouldnt think he stepped a step too far from earth. i hope i'd get to see you sa gym uli.

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