Wednesday, March 29, 2006

TUESDAY: NEW FRIENDS (Thank You Universe series)

at my age, new friends come in trickles. maybe its because at some point i just got tired of having to introduce who i am again to someone new and have to explain why i dont drive, or why i dont have savings, or why i dont have a boyfriend. maybe its because at my age, i just dont want to waste my time with small talk and idle chit chat that may or may not lead to geniune friendships. maybe its because i think i already have all the the friends that i need and have no time or no room for more.

but in the past year, i have to say that i made a number of new, good friends that i would like to invite to be part of my wedding entourage.

IRENE - who could possibly be, i shit you not, funnier than me.
CARMEN - who, just like sally, thinks she's low maintenance when she's actually high maintenance. very high maintenance. and that is perfectly okay.
TIM - absolutely the nicest and most grounded man i've ever met. probably one of the hottest too.
INGRID and JENNY - the only time i truly enjoyed shopping was when i did it with these two.
MAREX - just because.
TOVE - the best roommate ever.

1 comment:

Irene Tuazon said...

No way, Maite! You are waaaay funnier than I'll ever be!!!