Friday, March 09, 2007

The Gratitude Attitude

I spent my 32nd birthday alone. I've never done that before. But, because of the following people, I didn't feel alone at all;

Thank you to the following (in chronological order)

My family (mom, papa, guada, pats, bob and michael) for being the first people, as usual, to greet me.

Jenni and claude, who greeted me even before the 8th. Although claude actually thought my birthday was the 7th. hee.

Riya who was the first to text me at 12 midnight.

Gwen who was a very close second.

Drach who was the first to call and sing me the birthday song.

Gigi who called only in the morning only because her she slept through her alarm.

An unidentified number who said "happy birthday beautiful"

Tim who texted first to greet me happy womens day and then happy birthday after i hinted ever so subtly "happy birthday maite is an appropriate greeting for me too today you know."

Therese who, I'm assuming, is responsible for telling the folks at CISV to greet me. And the folks at CISV who greeted me sunod sunod kaya obvious.

Vince for remembering to greet me on time even when i greeted him a day after his.

Dodo for blogging about me before he even found out about my birthday.

Tracy, Adi and Mamu who had to be reminded (by me) to greet me.

Joel who, despite the reminder, didnt.

Deesj for talking to me during dinner through text.

Ruth for talking to me during coffee through text.

Niv who called to tell me that it was Robert Jaworski's and Carlito Lim's birthday. Hahahahahah. I swear we do this every year.

Monster who greeted me belatedly (im pretty sure i invented this word) today.

And everybody else who did, you know who you are (yuck, showbiz), thanks thanks thanks.

It really brought home closer to this island.


Jennifer said...

Hey miss sunkissed goddess living on the tropical island paradise, I greeted you at exactly 12 midnight ha! Fit or fat, I promise to see you soon =D

fran said...

happy birthday, maite. :) wish you all the best. may you find a mcdreamy in paradise. :)

adi said...

Hey, konting understanding naman. My lola died no. And, I asked how you were first before you told me it was your birthday. That counts for something. Remembering you, at least. Happy Birthday ulit!


jenni,it was before midnight in my watch :)

thanks fran, you and maun come and visit me. yes, heres to finding all our mcdreamys.

adi, as i told mamu who also called me just because she wanted to say hi, the texts/calls that came without the intention of greeting me was just as special because it meant they just really love me. i miss you naman eh.