Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"SUPPLIES!!!" yelled the excited chinese man....

I have to say, Leoy's weekend surprise visit is easily one of my favorite boracay moments.

I was talking about the ayurvedic ingredients of one of our treatments to a couple of koreans when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar tall and lanky :-) figure approaching. I look up and there he was, LEOYAUC!!! I really just left the two pikis and let out a very 22 thousand decibel "eeeeeeeh!!!"

My geads, hindi ko kinaya yon.

So we had merienda and I made him and fool try my favorite ginger slush and then I met up with them that night to enjoy his pasalubong for me :-) FUN FUN FUN. except, labas ng labas. pero chikka na rin.

The following day, they were slathered with papaya-pineapple jam all over and covered in banana leaves. hee hee. they did not enjoy that. And then he treated me to dinner because he said I'm poor. (for the record, I am not, was never, will never be poor. okay universe?)

The next day, we ate much tinapa at palomaria. And then he left and i cried like a baby to tracy. To quote a very sobbing ets "I'm always nalang left behind...huhuhuhu"

anyway, It was all so fun.

Tomorrow, tracy will be here naman. Woooo hoooo!!! i cant wait to talk to her face to face.

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