Thursday, October 25, 2007


Been waiting for the perfect time to say that and here it finally is!

I feel invincible. I feel almighty. I feel immortal.

I am driving on a highway and the only thing ahead is a magical world of endless posibilidades!


Okay, seriously.

It’s been a little over a month since I got back from my radical sabbatical. I have since done the following;

Benevolently reclaimed my room. My grandma moved in while I was away and moved out when I got back. I did not ask her to. She graciously did so. And I never could say no to her.

Went back to work. In the same old place with the same old job wearing the same old clothes… except it feels absolutely new. Here’s the deal – I left a miserable job in march and came back to a promising career in october. See the power of semantics.

Made friends with the roads and the cars again. You know in shawshank redemption when a very terrified Brooks, after thousands of years in prison, was trying to cross the car infested streets. That was ets in makati av a month ago. Now, I’m back to being the fearless pedestrian that I truly am.

Regained a few pounds. 8 to be exact from the time my plane landed til Sunday morning. I’m getting back on track though. With my no carbs after six and the hip hop abs on the way, I’ll be back to just being deliciously plump from grotesquely overweight in no time.

Reconfigured my formula for happiness. I always thought that the key to happiness is finding the thing that will make me truly happy. Well, as it turns out, there are 3 billion and 84 things I can do and I can try one different thing every day and still not live long enough to get to that ONE thing that will make me happy. I have decided not to live like that anymore. I am reversing it. Cos there is already something I am doing right now and I will find my happiness doing it RIGHT NOW.

Re-chumming myself. Well first thing that needed done was fix that nonsense with Adi. Actually that’s the only thing that needed doing. I love me chums. It's not the same of course. We're hardly complete anymore but I believe that chums is more than a collection of people. It has its own separate identity. It is a, or maybe even the, spirit of fun and good times. And just like God, when 2 or 3 are gathered in its name, there is chums in the midst of them.

Sowed the seeds of good food. In the middle of figuring everything out. But when its all done… well I actually don’t think I’m at liberty to talk about it just yet so let this suffice until I can – ours will be building more than just a house.

See why I’m flying - there’s an oyster on my plate. It’s fresh, juicy and delicious. And more importantly, its all mine!

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