Saturday, October 17, 2009

i cant sleep so i will ramble.

- i cant sleep. I can't breathe. Everytime i go to bed at night knowing things are exactly the same, i die a little. Im not miserable or lonely, in fact im happy a lot these days, its just that yun nga, im dying.

- Lord, i dont mean physically dying ha. Because i am sooooo healthy and i will live till im gray. Thank you for not misunderstanding :-)

- its hard to be restless and broke at the same time. i want to fly so far away from here but until i figure out how to grow my own wings, im stuck right here.

- yeah, stuck. Maite is stuck is just about as appropriate as josh lyman is gesticulating wildly.

- i dont know if i still have it in me to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Yikes.

- i love my parents very much noh but really, wattup with the excessive hairgrowth and turtle-paced metabolism genes you passed so easily along to your children. To all your children.

- theres this black dog in the pet store in mcs no one wants to buy. Hes outgrowing his cage. all of her batchmates have been sold months ago and 2 other batches after have left her as well. I hope someone buys her soon.

- i love my room. Its painted a shade of green thats happy when the lights are on and relaxing in the dark. And by dark of course i just mean lit by the light from the tv.

- i will try to sleep now.

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