Friday, April 09, 2010

An open letter to the sun

God, you are such an over achiever sometimes.

And there really is no need to be. We know your powers. It's not like we can ever forget. Don't you remember how we all drew you as children? rays twice, thrice even, as big as your head. You know why? because we knew then exactly what we still know na. You are all about fire and heat but not just for fire and heats sake of course but for LIFE. Yebah!

So we appreciate everything that you do for us. For growing our plants, for drying our clothes, for keeping us warm, for brightening our days, for making us sweat and keeping us fit (okay maybe you havent done enough of this for me), for solar energy as an alternative source of power, for the occasional kaingins, etc etc. My point is, we know how important you are. Doing anything beyond what you're supposed to do just makes you a show-off, show-off.

Please please please chill naman ng konti.

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