Wednesday, November 10, 2010

look at me all grown up

i dont know why i was in such a hurry to grow up. i suppose having parents that were uber strict had something to do with that. growing up seemed like the only way out of the permisos and the curfews and the scolding.

i'm rid of those things now. well, most of the time anyway. scolding will always be a part of a parent-child dynamic i guess. walang p. anyway, the scolding these days is all about my hair and how i never brush it. my mom of course has a point there but its still annoying. and if i were actually not brushing my hair as a stand against women being treated as sex objects then id be quite insulted. of course thats not why i dont brush my hair. theres really no reason why i dont. i just simply forget that its one of the things i have to do is all. with solving the worlds problems crowding my already small brain, hair brushing will have to take a back seat.

anyway, i dont really have a point here. when i was younger i thought, no, i knew that when id get older, id have a point and it would be the right one. now that im older, i find that not only do i rarely have a point but that i dont really give a flying rats ass that i dont.

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