Tuesday, June 29, 2004

playing fashion police

first off, i am not a fashionista. not a leader. not sheep. to be honest, i dont care much for fashion at all.

but there are some.... get-ups (hahahhah) that really offend my fashion sensibilities to the core.

take the chick i saw five minutes ago for instance.

she was obviously an office chick. obviously on her way back to work from lunch.

and this is how she was dressed.

black tits-tight sando
a short black pin-striped skirt that barely covered her ass
black stockings
a belt that spelled mario
and, to play the proverbial icing on the cake,
ankle-high boots (borrowing the words of carson kressley of the fab 5 "a hooker in makati av. is missing her boots and she wants it back")

to top the look off, her hair was teased high up to kingdom come.

dear god have mercy on us all.

i pity the people she works with for having to see her all day. Actually, i pity the people who are not blind for having to see her at all.

i mean, when i miss sheena easton i break into song

almost over you
i've almost shook these blues

and that satisfies me enough thank you very much.

i dont feel the need to see her when i look in the mirror.

if there were cops for this, she oughtta be scared. very scared.


Leoy said...

She probably worked in advertising. Oh no wait, so do all of us. mmha ha. mha ha. mha.

Jack Naka said...

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