Thursday, March 10, 2005


I turned 30 two days ago. It wasnt quite as grand as the day anthony hopkins had in meet joe black when he turned 65 (sorry i just saw the movie again on hbo), nor was it as dramatic as the day joel turned 30 last december (burnt house and mansyon surprise and all) but it was, nonetheless, uhm..... special :)

I went to bed the night before with a bad migraine and woke up to several texts and missed calls of birthday greetings. I opened my bedroom door to slugger who was just hanging out in the upstairs landing. He kissed me happy birthday. Bathed and dressed, i went downstairs where my brother bobby started playing Happy Birthday on his electric guitar (i love bobby!)

It was a virtually no-work day for me because i just simply refused to do anything. Fun lunch at the office with pansit, pizza and a birthday cake. After lunch was me enjoying larry's gift, a milkbath footspa at Footloose. Oooooh.....

Dinner was two pasta dishes. One oriental inspired, the other italian, both vegetarian, both fantastic. Although, the second batch of the vegetable medley was really the worst owing to lack of care for its prep.

Anyhoo, good day Lord. Good day. Thanks.

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