Monday, May 30, 2005

another kind of heartbreak

This morning it ended amicably. Two other people were there, one to mediate and the other another victim. They both did all the talking. I just sat there quiet and listened. So did she.

This morning I felt something i haven't felt in a while - heartbreak. Over the loss of a frienship and of a friend and that naive part of me that believed that friends didnt do this to each other.

This morning she accepted the consequences of what she did without a fight. She signed a document that legally binds her to pay us back. And we assured her that no criminal charges will be filed.

This morning, looking at her and trying to understand why she did what she did, I was reminded that before all this happened, a friendship was there and it felt real, at least to me. And I was reminded that I have also wronged and kupaled friends before and that, for some divine reason, the universe had forgiven me.

I truly truly hope that the universe will forgive her too. Cos i think i already have.


Alexis said...

No one, I firmly believe, is so vile they are beyond redemption. But before amends are made, I give them a taste of hell first. Err... it's just more satisfying that way.

Hope you're ok. :)

adi said...

But sometimes ets, as Joel said kanina, have some spite. Just a little.

graspingtoes said...

i agree with adi. it's good that you're so forgiving no, pero this chick is probably going to do the exact same thing to someone else, when she finds new employment. raise hell para she won't be able to do it again to someone else! warn everyone! or press charges para she can't get a police clearance!!!

Dodo said...

Forgiveness is inevitable. It's programmed into us.And you know me. The words "OK lang yun" dribble out of my mouth sooooo easily.

Having said that, I agree with everyone else here. Do get pissed-off. Royally. Vent. Spout bile. It's for your own good. It's healthy. And it evens things up a little. Tabla tabla lang.

On the other hand, though, speaking from experience, it's torture din when the aggreived party forgives easily. Sometimes guilty parties need punishment to feel better about themselves. And when they don't get it, lifetime agony yan for them.


compulsive eater said...

hi everyone :)

well, in fairness to myself, i did feel some major spite naman hence my previous blog calling her cheap and stuff. but to let it fester inside me... not that i consciously drive spiteful feelings aways through meditation and stuff, my body just naturally passes it out like gas.

anyway, i dont think i can ever be friends with her again. and im sure i will never leave any of my stuff lying around when she's there. im just not angry at her anymore (please note that the word is anymore cos i was once angry at her)

anyway, hi alex. yes im okay.

dodo, when were you when i needed you :) ? i miss you.

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