Sunday, August 15, 2004

Carbo is the enemy

hi. my name is maite and im a carboholic. i havent had carbs in 7 days.

(pause for applause)

when i was a child, i was forbidden by mother to stand up from the dining table unless i finish my food. most days, it would take me 7 hours to finish my lunch. so right after taking my last subo of lunch, my dinner plate would be set infront of me already.

so when i say i ate all day as a child, please take this to mean that i ate all day as a child.

eventually, the taste of food caught on and what was once forced down my throat and my somewhat svelte physique, i started to welcome with open arms.

a love affair was born.

i dont have a sweet tooth. chicka lang ako sa desserts and matamis things.

ulam was incidental, whatever is there is there.

rice, potatoes, bread and pasta - these are my must-haves. my non-negotiables.

eh kaso, leoy is right. we're turning 30 na next year and our metabolism is starting to run like our old ford laser car - slow mo actions. i also echo drachs sentiments, im not the healthiest person on earth.

so tragic as giving up carbs, even if its only for two weeks, is for me. it has to be done and it does have to be done now.

i only wish i had flaming-hot cheetos before i started. cos thats really all i think of these days.

thank you.

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HanAgiRL said...

i agree! carbo is indeed the enemy. but how can you not have rice with sinigang and nilaga? ang hirap!