Tuesday, August 03, 2004

putting things in perspective

i've often been asked by several different people why i never seem to get angry. they're right. i rarely do. i have learned early in life that my anger only upsets one person, ME. and i have decided that i love myself way too much to upset me.

when life gets in a whack, as it usually does every couple of days or so, i take two steps back and try to see the bigger picture. generally, i ask myself "this thing that is irking the bejeesus out of me, will it matter at all this time next year?" most often the answer is no, so i let it slide, smile and move on.

like this morning for instance.

the first email i read was from a client who was, apparently, unhappy with the writing of a press release. she wanted a little more.... heart. initially of course, my reaction was "its a fucking press release ma'am. we are not trying to win a goddamned pulitzer here!"

two steps back.

this time next year, i will be thinner.

and that is what really matters.

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