Thursday, August 26, 2004

rest in peace

the plan was to have coffee with the chums and then sweat a little in the badminton court with the work pals.

that was the plan.

and like all the other plans i've made in my life, there it went in flames.

let this be the cemetery of all the plans i've made, killed and buried:

1. urban kitchen
2. langit ko'y bawang
3. inbreeding
4. a law career
5. a gold medal in gymnastics
6. contract of immorality
7. kids by 25
8. a million by thirty
9. half a million by thirty
10.time deposit by 25

dreams that are in the ICU:
1. see the world
2. family
3. hot body


vince said...


compulsive eater said...

long story. il tell you over lunch next week. or maybe i wont. bahala na.

Blissy said...

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