Monday, July 05, 2004

loving gays peeps.... lovin em

not that im on a mission to talk about the fabulous third sex but im just really constantly amazed at how everything they touch, no matter how conceptually vomit-inducing to the straight, magically turns into something cool.

Cool: went to dance class this morning taught by this high-strung gay man who sort of reminded me of angelo. we got down with justin timberlake, shook our booties to criss cross' jump around, showed off our latin groove to a gypsy kings medley. great fun!

Cooler: the cool down... ah the last stretch before you finally pat yourself in the back for a good workout. He turns up the stereo and we hear the beautiful voice, a capella first of course, of the divine miss whitney and her soulful rendition of i will always love you.

Coolest: He lets us sing along with the diva througout the entire song !!!!

Drawback: now suffering from a bad case of LSS

...and i will always love you ooohhh
will always love you

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