Wednesday, July 28, 2004

where have all the zagus gone?


i was at the mall with adi two days ago when i suddenly had an unshakable craving for zagu (mocha flavor.)  it was rather odd since i only had it less than 10 times when it grew wild and abundant (very much like my body hair) in the metro.

i was never really a fan of the icy-pearly delights.  i enjoyed it when i had it but i never lined up for it or anything.  In 2001, pop business rolled out the latest bandwagon - and 82% of entrepreneurs with capital jumped in.  Like mushrooms it sprouted.  At any given time, you could find two within a 20-meter radius.  It wasn't a health treat.  Truth be told, it wasnt that fantastic tasting either.  But it was new and it was everywhere so pinoys drank and drank and drank until...........  well.... until they stopped.

and so monday night, when i desperately wanted one, there was none.

10 things i want back from the food industry:

1.  Magnolia chocolait in a bottle - i dont remember much from my childhood but holding, shaking and drinking from a bottle of this one stands out in lights.

2.  Horlicks - are you still out there?

3.  Cola candy

4.  Mushroom burger in makati

5.  the original mojos - none of these cute spud slices devoid of taste

6.  Mcdonalds milk shake - i've read enough archie comics to know that its what goes with burgers and fries.  bring it back.

7.  Lays salt and vinegar potato chips - which is probably still out there, i just cant find it anywhere.

8.  the shawarma fever - about 5 years prior to zagu, there was shawarma with a stand in every street corner to prove it.

9.  lipps candy - the best lipstick on earth

10.  magnolia chocolait in a bottle - deserves mentioning twice


Leoy said...

Mannn those Magnolia chocolaits RRROCK. And those milkshakes too.

Stupid manufacturers.

graspingtoes said...