Sunday, September 12, 2004

how sweet it is to be loved by you

i just read a blog - duckfeets - and it is, by far, the sweetest anything someone who isnt my boyfriend has done for me.

i am blown away mare. i was prepared pa naman to make you sweat a litlle thinking of ways to repay me for the weekend that i was deprived of. instead, i am deeply touched. with matching tears to boot.

it has to be said though, partly in the interest of reciprocity, but mostly because it would simply be an injustice of gargantuan proportions if it remains unsaid, that you have become a perpetual source of happiness for me.

that on many occassions, after a good day, i lie in bed thinking "if i had only seen riya, it would have been perfect."

that seeing your name on my phone automatically switches my button and i am instantly all lit up inside (arn't you somewhat glad that i didnt say 'turned on?')

that i am in constant awe of you - an old soul with spunk who gets along beautifully with 11-year-olds and parents alike. and that i sometimes consciously go on 'riya' mode when the situation calls for a different handle a maite cant pull off.

that despite the many people that surround me, there are only a handful i feel truly safe with. friends i can count on to love me and my bullshit. you're one of them.

and that yes, it would absolutely be a delight to have you on my side when we're old and gray getting massages and foot scrubs :)


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Rugmuncher? Definitely worthy. :-) But I still dream of Dick.