Tuesday, September 07, 2004

the third stooge... and why i love him

His name is larry and he’s my boss and for as long as I can help it, I do not want to work for anybody else.

My reasons;

1. because this morning, on our way back to the clients building from the loft, he whispered to me (as if reading the question in my head) “maite, mas mataba sya sa yo”

2. because yesterday, he came to our work area with the biggest smile on his face to announce “girls, I have a new boytoy for you. a new writer” and when we said “sir, ang bata nya” he answered “okay nga yon eh, MAKATAS.”

3. because kanina, knowing that I had a 5’o clock deadline for a proposal I hadn’t yet started at 3:30, he shyly reminded me na “maite, we have to submit that today ha” and when I said “u-umpisahan ko na sir” he is all at once reassured.

4. because whenever its dead silent in his car on our way to or from a client, he asks me about my love life. A conversation that almost always ends with “don’t worry maite, you’ll meet someone who deserves you.”

5. because sometimes he just casually announces “nagugutom ako” and then 30 minutes to an hour later, food comes for everybody.

6. because in one of our pitch presentations, when I told him that I might not be able to go, he said “but you’re my lucky charm.” (I know it was bull but still)

7. because when he overhears me borrowing money from someone, he immediately offers me “how much do you need maite?”

8. because when he asks me to clean my desk naman (cos you know naman ets), he’s so nahihiya pa.

9. because when I’m bored and I know that he’s not doing anything (or even if he is), I can just enter his office and talk about anything under the sun and I always leave the discussion with new learnings.

10. because he gave me a minimizer bra for my birthday two years ago. From marks and spencers. What boss does that?


toyourthink said...

God I miss Larry. I miss his dark lips, na sobrang bothered si Joel that he cannot think straight pag kausap niya siya.

You forgot to mention the very ban ban way he drives. Mababangga kayo every 3 minutes. Kailangan ng bonamine.

The way hindi siya marunong mag predictive text. Feeling niya his new phone is sira and wants to have it repaired.

How a very ugly girl he would be cause you put his head on my body in some picture.

He wasn't aware of my birthday so he left apples on my desk.

How he couldn't blush cause he was simply too dark, when he saw arrian in a bra in the monitoring room when we were trying out cecille things.

i love larry. you tell him that.

galicious said...

nice naman! kakainspire!

HanAgiRL said...

Sounds more like a friend than a boss. You're a lucky girl. :)

Leoy said...

Me I'm also a good boss.