Thursday, September 23, 2004

why am i waiting? slowly dehydrating. why am i waiting? why oh why

its 9:22 says my computer clock. its time to go home now says my tired weary body. i would too except im still waiting for the script from monster.

so the wait should explain the time i have on my hands right now.

okay, last night, the girlfriends were having a pint of ice cream and cinnabon at powerplant. and we started talking about 'passion'

i dont have it. for anything.

i really believe that part of my fascination with italy and the italian people is their culture and how it is all about passion. it speaks in their art, in their language, in their food, in their willingness to die and kill for family, love and whatever else they believe in.

i dont have it. for anything.

i wish i did though. i wish i had mamus passion for acting, or deesjs for photography, or drachs for music, or nivs for film, or even riyas for organization :) but as it is, i dont burn for anything. my life is blah. a steady leisurely drive to tagaytay instead of a high-speed car chase. and sometimes i want the exhilaration of a high speed car chase.



graspingtoes said...

for the record, i'm not passionate about my photography. otherwise, i'd be taking pictures until my right index finger is be-kalyo-ed.

also, i own a self help book entitled "I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT (if I only knew what it was)". nuff said.

A said...

Ets, let's review my blogname ano: middleclassvalues.

We're just a little bit louder with our opinions, but basically we're all staring at the map upside down.


HanAgiRL said...

how about the "pashion and beauty tips" of mama Ricky Reyes?