Wednesday, September 01, 2004

viva españa!

in coelho's highly overrated book the alchemist, he said that if you want something bad enough, the whole universe will conspire to help you achieve it.

last sunday, we had a family thing at home. my cousin ana and i decided, almost on a whim really, to move to spain and find work there. i mentioned it to my parents and, surprisingly, they were all for it. in fact, they were even encouraging. urging me to take some more spanish courses at instituto and they even mentioned that i should get in touch with CISV contacts there for opportunities.

so i have their blessing. good. but of course i dont have their financial backing. so thats what i have to do from now until then - save. im really not very good at handling my finances. my sweldo just go through my hands like water and i dont know where it goes. but okay, from now on, il always keep my financials in check. i dont know how but il find a way.

timeframe: basta while im still 30. which gives me until march 8, 2006.

so yesterday i talked to paolo (my officemate about my plans). i talked to him specifically because i knew his brother works in the philippine embassy in madrid. as it turns out, the brother is coming for a vacation in two weeks. so i get to meet him and beg for a job. which paolo assures me im sure to get anyways.

plus free board pa raw while im getting settled.

okay, i know i love making plans i dont pursue noh, but i have a different feeling about this.

Chums, walang magco-comment ng SHAR!!! dito ha. send me nothing but good vibes okay? okay!


adi said...

I'm all for it. Good life ahead of you. More of, kaya ko ah. I just published a comment to monster's last blog about being left behind. Her last line - "chums, let's leave together ha."

My sentiments exactly.

duckfeet said...

Tipid Tip #1
Switch from Starbucks coffee to Extra Joss

toyourthink said...

maite, i will completely get mad at you if you don't include me here.